by Matt Ritchey

If you see no other show this Fringe season, see Bill Posley’s The Day I Became Black, an astounding solo performance about growing up bi-racial in America.

Posley is, first off, an incredibly charming and natural performer, and he warns us straight up: white people, you may get offended, black people, try not to stare at them too hard. Funny, engaging, and effortlessly talented, Posley tells the story of growing up with a black father and a white mother in Boston, his ability to ‘choose’ what color he was depending on the circumstance, and how he finally discovered that, bi-racial or not, he was black.

Told honestly and with incredible humor, and using video in a simple and effective way, Posley’s story will bring tears to your eyes and have you screaming with laughter. An hour of theatre you don’t want to miss!

Highly Recommended