Hollywood Fringe Festival, Gia On The Move

by Matt Ritchey

Jim Vejvoda’s Skin Jobs does a fantastic job of not only tackling a modern cultural problem, but of expertly creating conflict and tension between characters whose arguments are both 100% valid and defensible – but the actions they decide to take with those arguments can destroy a friendship … and possibly more.

Kerri (Virginia Tran), a visual effects artist, and her best pal Viv (Claire Fazzolari), an anime-loving entertainment reporter, spend an evening watching their favorite movie (Jurassic Park) and talking about how special effects have changed in films since they were young – not only in quality, but in how they’re used. Current example is how a white movie star is shooting a big budget film based on a popular anime and that the studio is hiring a VFX company to digitally alter her features to make her more like the character in the Japanese comic. Viv is appalled, and while Kerri agrees, it’s her company doing the work… and she really needs the gig to pay rent.

So begins a terrifically written drama about cultural appropriation, money, friendship, and what people will sacrifice to survive. With great performances, a great script, and a killer American accent by Sydney native Fazzolari, Skin Jobs is well worth your time.


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