by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

You never again have to be a ‘Beauty School Dropout‘ when it comes to the care of your skin.

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Gia and Mandi ‘mixing it up’ at the Botanical Skincare Workshop hosted by Flower School Los Angeles DTLA

As an addendum to a Botanical Skincare Workshop by skin tech scientist, writer and entrepreneur Mandi Nyambi M.S., hosted at Flower School Los Angeles (DTLA) I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading her book, Fresh Face, and trying out luscious class made DIY recipes of chemical-free and GMO-free ingredients on my face and body.

As it happens, this past year, I’ve been investigating a host of new and reformulated natural beauty products to one degree of satisfaction or another. Not all formulations are skin-friendly or even work as claimed, as I discovered. But it has led me to a new understanding of the efficacy and divinity of high-end natural and DIY at-home care. Not to mention a much more heightened awareness surrounding what’s FDA regulated in anything that goes on the face, near the eyes, on the body, or in baby care. Which is even more frightening when you start looking at labels. In actuality, there’s almost none, even in products that claim dermatological testing or doctor-formulated recommendations. (If you’d like to know more about that, get the facts on The Environmental Working Group (EWG) website.)

Now, I wouldn’t describe myself as a ‘true-believer’ in anything. I’m equipped with a healthy sense of eye-rolling ‘whatever’ when it comes to buying into the next new thing. But this tryout of Fresh Face recipes has altered my perception and skepticism – but good.

After only the first week, my microbiome from top to bottom healed from seasonal dryness, environmental impurities, and hormonal blemishes. It felt and looked brand new, fresh, silky, supple and glowed with a newfound radiance. Like, yeah, I looked at least 5 years younger. And that’s not just the ‘feels’ part of the experience.

An accurate expectation for preservative-free, botanical skincare includes a lesson by Nyambi on why not all ingredients are microbiome friendly. All skin is not created equal. Nor is one formula for everyone. Not all oils or other organics should be used on the face. And, nothing lasts forever once mixed. Certainly not like the hand lotion your grandmother saved in her lingerie drawer for 10 years. In her book, Nyambi lists, in order of pore-clogging possibility, which ones are more likely to harm rather than heal.

You will still have to spend some time and a little bit of money building, fortifying, properly cleansing, exfoliating – not micro-tearing – and hydrating your skin. But…and this is the good news…it’s ALL within your control. And it IS safe. Assuming that you give yourself a reality check on your current beauty regime, and are open to lifting yourself out of the foggy hypnotic hype of packaged drugstore or corporate department store products. Which is not to say, they are monstrous. Only advocating that there is another way to go.

There is so much mix-it-up information packed into this little table read. 30 stress-free everyday foundational regimes and routines built on ordinary kitchen stuffs. The recipes are instructive, easy to whip up and beneficial for all skin types. There are even eating tips that support the translation from healthy gut to healthy dermis. And, everything used in the preparations can either be ordered off of Amazon or found right on the shelf at your local Los Angeles (or elsewhere) independent or chain grocers like Lassens, Whole Foods, Erewhon, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts and Ralphs (and local farmer’s markets which goes without saying, really). And they are practically edible.

Confession: Yes, I tasted a few whiles mixing before adding Jojoba and Hempseed, SeaBuckthorn, and Squalane oils. Yummy!

Nyambi’s Fresh Face is inspirational to the goal of action which is indeed the point. Because, as she writes, “We all deserve a loving relationship with our skin” and “Everyone deserves the tools to make themselves feel healthy and beautiful.”

The book is purse-size for quick perusal while shopping and is highly organized into small, uncomplicated chapter vignettes. You’ll get to the important information quickly and be on your way.

Highly Recommended

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