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Sensational Vegas Thrift That’s Not Hard To Find

Las Vegas native and former nude dresser for production shows on the Las Vegas Strip, H.G. McKinnis, is debuting her new novel, A Justified Bitch, officially releasing August 8, 2017.  But just before you dive in to solve her mystery... Continue Reading →


Project Runway’s Nick Verreos Has a ‘Passion for Fashion’

Former Season 2 Project Runway contestant and celebrity fashion designer-turned-author, Nick Verreos is releasing his first book (with a foreword written by pop icon and Project Runway host Tim Gunn),  A Passion for Fashion: Achieving Your Fashion Dreams One Thread at... Continue Reading →

One Audition Book to Rule Them All

In the world of performing arts, one audition trumps them all when it comes to sweating palms and butterflies in the stomach – the dreaded Shakespeare speech. Casting Director Donna Soto-Morettini remembers her first Shakespeare monologue…because who could forget it?... Continue Reading →

Summer Pops, Pies and Dairy-Free ‘Frozen Paleo’ Treats

On Summer days like the ones we've had, “I scream, you scream, we all scream,” for something sweet and cold to relieve the heat. Scream no more except with delight! A new book,  Frozen Paleo: Dairy-Free Ice Cream, Pops, Pies,... Continue Reading →

Gucci Memoir : Chronicle of a Not So Secret Love

In the Name of Gucci: A Memoir, by Patricia Gucci (Crown, on sale May 10) is the first book written by a direct descendant of Guccio Gucci—Patricia’s grandfather and the company’s founder. It chronicles her life as the secret love... Continue Reading →

Try These Plant Based Foods

Can you believe it?  With all the information out there, STILL!, more than 90 percent of adults and children do not eat the amount of fruits and veggies recommended by the latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans. So in order to... Continue Reading →

#WhatsHotNow: Maria Bello in Isharya

Maria Bello was photographed wearing Isharya recently in LA while celebrating the launch of her book,"Whatever...Love is Love."  What we couldn't help notice about the actress and author, and what we LOVED most about this whole look was how she accessorized... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Why Latinas Get the Guy

A No-BS Guide to Understanding the Allure of Latin-American Women and Spicing Up Your Love Life by Joe Bovino Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move This book should come with a companion guide for women entitled something like,... Continue Reading →

Paleo Cleanse: Detoxing the Primal Way

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move . As a rule, I like to begin every new year with a clean slate in all areas including eating.  For someone as active as myself, a former professional dancer, gymnast, triathlete... Continue Reading →

A 16 Year Old Girl Takes On Female Empowerment Through Games

This came up on the radar yesterday and just begged to be shared.  As part of the ongoing Gia On The Move trivia…did you know that Gia’s first job as a professional critic was in grammar school when she was... Continue Reading →

The Mockingbird Has Been Killed

Something extraordinary has been happening today.  In case you haven't been on Twitter, To Kill A Mockingbird has been trending. Believe it or not British Education Secretary Michael Gove has caused an uproar by removing this book which has been... Continue Reading →

Chef Guy Fieri’s Recipe For Summer Grilling Fun

 Summer Grilling Special   When asked Gia On The Move to share Food Network star Guy Fieri's summer cooking secrets from his new cookbook Guy on Fire ... our respective mouths watered! The Mayor of Flavortown discussed the most common grilling... Continue Reading →

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