Natural Beauty Empowered: Environmental Working Group Establishes New Standards

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Contributed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

As pop-ups go, the exclusive press event recently hosted by The Environmental Working Group (EWG), the national environmental health organization, featuring EWG Verified™ products, Le Pop Up Abbot Kinney was hands down one of the most exciting, healthy natural beauty discoveries to date.

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Sampling EWG Verified™ participating brand partner personal care products and interviewing EWG staff and scientists about the new criteria for the beauty industry offered no-bull enlightenment and an empowered way forward for everyone concerned with what’s going into their skin care.  And for good reason too.

Fact: There have been NO NEW LAWS since 1938 regulating what goes into beauty products (including baby products) or how they are tested. It’s the wild west out there and consumers themselves have been the more-or-less guinea pigs for an industry that is banking on your willingness to spend extraordinary dollars without asking too many questions.

Fact: EWG is a national environmental health organization that uses game-changing (for 25 years), original research to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.

EWG Director of Healthy Living Science Nneka Leiba and EWG Vice President Jocelyn Lyle along with EWG researchers were on hand to answer questions about their high-bar, high-standard program, what it means to be verified, and about the 1266 personal care products that have already met EWG’s strictest health criteria.

Gia On The Move walked away with a shopping bag full of new knowledge, not to mention products samples…which…we will be testing in the coming weeks and featuring here with information about them and on where and how to purchase.

Stay tuned and look for our upcoming reviews on many of these products and companies, all of which have either designed or reformulated their products to meet the all-natural standards of EWG and hopefully yours.

Photo (above) by Tracey Paleo

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