Reviewed by Kevin Hopps

Swipe Right: The Musical! by writer and director Hannah Rae Dillon, may only be 30 minutes long, but that’s all it takes for this cast of talented, singing singles to fill the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre with plenty of fabulous songs and even more laughs.

The comedic and melodic Amanda Walgrove plays Jessica, a woman who, although still suffering from one bad relationship, isn’t yet ready to give up on love. Not all men can be assholes, right? Maybe not all, but judging by the comically candid responses on her dating app, there are still plenty of losers. Nevertheless, Jessica takes the plunge and swipes right. But will her choice be Mr. Right or just another jerk looking for a quickie and a chance to ghost the first chance he gets?

As one outstanding original song follows another, the highly relatable story of Jessica’s date progresses and we get to meet her best friend, Ashley (Shipa Das); her date, Mike (Joseph Porter); and even her ex-boyfriend, Bobby (Brendan McCay). Each joins in, contributing to the ensuing singing and hilarity. The songs are all wonderful, but my favorite comes near the play’s climax (so to speak) with Walgrove belting out the outrageously funny I Need Dick.

And, remember, Dick isn’t the name of her date. That would be Mike, who has a tendency to make it all about him, or to defend the less-than-chivalrous actions of other men with that too often heard male refrain, “But not all men…”

Fortunately, Jessica shuts him down, promising: we’re not going to do that. And she makes good on her promise because the only thing this play does do… is entertain. The jokes come rapid-fire, both with comedic dialogue and equally hilarious song lyrics, which is why the fast-paced Swipe Right: The Musical! had the audience laughing out loud from the start and clapping along by the end.

Highly recommended

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