‘The Sublime and Beautiful’ Available On iTunes December 16th

Can we forgive?

Recently screened in October at Arena Cinema HollywoodThe Sublime and Beautiful will screen in NYC at Anthology Film Archives on Tuesday, December 16th and will be available on iTunes / VOD the same day.

David Conrad (Blake Robbins) is a college professor raising three children in a small Kansas suburb with his wife Kelly (Laura Kirk).  David and Kelly’s marriage is brought to its breaking point when they lose their children to a drunk driver, and David’s desire for retribution leads him into uncharted moral territory with the question: Can we forgive?

Veteran film, television, and theatre actor Blake Robbins (NBC’s The Office, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, HBO’s Oz) makes his directorial debut with The Sublime and Beautiful, which he also wrote, produced, and stars in. After a successful career as an actor, including his best known role of Tom Halpert on NBC’s The Office, and a critically acclaimed role in the HBO series Oz and most recently on SX’s Sons of Anarchy as Mitch Glender, Robbins utilized his vast on-set experience to write a drama centered around natural performances and his deep love of the acting process. Using a small crew, handheld cameras, and natural light, Robbins drew upon the landscapes of Kansas, local actors as well as his ‘acting family’ to tell an emotional and hard hitting story of family bonds, morality, and the limits of vengeance.

This performance driven narrative drama premiered at the 2014 Slamdance Film Festival, and after a successful festival run is now being released digitally and in select theatres by Candy Factory Productions & Distribution.  Matthew Del Negro (Teen Wolf, Scandal) also stars.

Running Time: 93 minutes

Written, Directed, and Starring: Blake Robbins (NBC’s The Office, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, HBO’s Oz)
Produced by: Blake Robbins and Warren Ostergard
Casting Director / Producer: Marci Liroff (E.T., Blade Runner, Footloose)
Cast: Blake Robbins, Laura Kirk, Matthew Del Negro (Teen Wolf, Scandal), Armin Shimerman (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seinfeld)
Composer: Acclaimed LA musician Lily Hadyn

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