Oops – Nomi Prins – She Did It Again!

Black Tuesday book by Nomi Prins

The ever fabulous former Goldman Sachs managing director turned “champion of the people” during the Wall Street collapse by telling the inside story that so many people still don’t wan to believe – Nomi Prins, has a new book out.

Nomi also championed the music video, Live My Life which also parodied the Wall Street collapse and the players involved.  So we are really excited to help her announce her new book.  Because you can’t keep  a good girl down!

Nomi speaks in her own words below:

Dear friends!
I’m so thrilled to let you know that my new book, Black Tuesday, is now available!

Historical novel, Black Tuesday sizzles with the drama, passion and desperation of the Great Crash of 1929, eerily echoing our present times, at the abyss of Great Depression II.  From the beleaguered immigrant community of the Lower East Side to the feral pit of Wall Street to the alluring glitter of Park Avenue, Black Tuesday reveals a vivid world of crime, greed, obsession, economic devastation, and heroism in the face of great odds.  Black Tuesday tells the story of Leila Kahn, a young immigrant woman standing at the crossroads of her destiny and the country’s – caught in a battle between her heart and her head – to expose the truth behind the Wall Street empire, and its most notorious villain, Jack Morgan, before everything she knows is destroyed.

Kick-Off Event: Oct 18th NYC Strand, 7PM. Tickets going fast – book it!

This fun, amazing evening is co-hosted by Demos, with the awesome Matt Taibbi, Rich Benjamin, CSPAN-BookTV & some old-New York giveaways!

Other Events – Dec. 6th Seattle Town Hall, Dec 8th Booksoup LA & more…

Catch me discussing Black Tuesday on PBS Tavis Smiley, CSPAN, Fox, NPR, The Brian Lehrer Show, Sirius Radio,  the Keiser Report & many other outlets!

Happy reading and thank you for all your support over the years!

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