They’re hairy, they’re hungry…and they’re hitting America’s back roads…one bite at a time…

Hungry?  Finally a food show that takes America back to its roots of down home cooking and rebel adventure with savior fare. 

Paul Patranella is a 4-star, classically trained French chef who loves motorcycles. Bill Allen, a renowned motorcycle mechanic, is passionate about food. These two long-time friends know that food is the ticket to the American experience and motorcycling is the only way to get there.

 In Hairy Bikers, premiering Friday, October 14 at 10pm ET on HISTORY, Paul and Bill embark on an amusing and informative road trip along back roads to immerse themselves in local American history and long-standing traditions. But they don’t just cook and eat with the locals – they do everything it takes to put the meal on the table. They spear bullfrogs, trawl for shrimp and capture gators with a cross bow; they clean road kill, harvest wheat for beer, and track down wild boars.

In this 12-part series produced for HISTORY by BBC Worldwide Productions, also producers of the network’s hit series Top Gear, Bill and Paul explore the different old-school eating habits of various regions, from the southern Louisiana coast to South Carolina’s Low Country, from the Great Smokey Mountains to central Oklahoma and beyond. They learn folklore and age-old customs as they hunt, gather, cook, and eat side-by-side with a colorful assortment of local characters.

Back on the open road, the boys camp, fix up motorcycles, stop at roadside attractions, and swing by local biker events – all part of the Hairy Bikers’ mission to experience first-hand why eating and biking are some of America’s favorite pastimes.

One response to “Hairy Bikers Get Hungry!”

  1. Bonnie Bartel Latino Avatar

    Funny, informative and entertaining. Who could ask for more. The co-hosts are not without a certain charm. More of the harmonica playing please!


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