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“Over hill, over dale, thorough bush, thorough brier, over park, over pale, thorough flood, thorough fire…” … She really did wander almost everywhere!

Although not swifter than the moon’s sphere in her little Fiat, CARS, CASTLES, COWS AND CHAOS author and American playwright Midge Guerrera did finally attain her dream visit at the famed opera house Teatro alla Scala.  And in the process also discovered a lot of other little gems hidden between the grandest tourist attractions and historical landmarks of Southern Italy.

According to New Jersey born Guerrera, cars have always been an intrinsic part of her life.  You simply had to drive to go anywhere or get anything.  So, it made total, if not immediately apparent sense to indulge in an extraordinary expat experience by getting on the road again to re-discover her ancestral heritage.  But not without plenty of bumps.  And it’s all cataloged in several years’ worth of blogs and inspirations which have now been transformed into a narrative about living La Dolce Vita as an Americana in Italia.

CARS, CASTLES, COWS AND CHAOS author, Midge Guerrera

Hilarious from cover to cover Guerrera’s adventure begins with lots of eating and navigating the cultural landscape.  WTF-worthy Italian customs like getting gas, going to the market, parking, driving in Naples, near-death defying heights of mountain side restaurant seating, and street closings for Soccer viewing offer more than a tinge of insanity.  And the price of everything depends on how well you speak the language.  

As her sojourn continues into several years, the compilation becomes an offhanded Frommer’s, of where to go and what do with Guerrera as your slugging-it-out-in-the-trenches tour guide.  She and her husband Jack get into all kids of mayhem like their own personal version of Italian “Outlanders” including nearly getting arrested for accidentally blowing a stop sign.

CARS, CASTLES, COWS AND CHAOS is a quick and delightful journey that warms the heart and tickles the funny bones and as Guerrera ultimately discovers on her own, “chasing windmills” is guaranteed to give you a delicious taste of the joy of life.

“Baby you can drive my car!”

Highly Recommended


By Midge Guerrera

With Illustrations by Janet Cantore-Watson

Published by Read Furiously.

Price: $14.99 ISBN: 978-1-7371758-5-8 Release Date: March 22, 2022 Distributed by: Ingram*


A Jersey Girls Humorous Romp Throughout Italy!

The road to change is paved with many adventures. In this case, it began with a tree. As a New Jersey native, Midge Guerrera knows she can handle whatever is thrown her way. But set against the idyllic Italian countryside, Midge never expected car trouble, terrifyingly winding roads, vespa gangs, and crowds of loud soccer fans.   With her Fiat ready to go, Midge sets out to explore the beauty of her new home in Pontelandolfo, journey through the Italian landscape, and take the many detours that leave her driven to distraction.  

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