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Boeing Boeing will be playing at the Complex beginning July 19th. It previewed during the recent Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is an excellent school with some very well-known graduates. And if the upcoming production of Boeing Boeing is any indication, the school’s reputation for talent and quality shows no sign of waning.

A French play by Marc Camoletti translated in 1962, Boeing Boeing follows Bernard (Oscar Fleming), a French bachelor, who is engaged to three airline stewardesses from different countries who are never in France long enough to know about one another. This is going well for him until his friend Robert (Matt Torczon) comes to visit and notes some possible problems with Bernard’s plan, such as cancellations, weather problems, and airline buyouts. Sure enough, Robert is right and soon Bernard’s three fiancees Garbriella (Celine Rosaline Zoppe), Gretchen (Theresa Philomena) and Gloria (Emilie Owen) are being juggled by the two bachelors with the help of Bernard’s maid Berthe (Katrine Fenger). Hilarity ensues. Truly.

Betty Karlen, the Company Director for AADA, directs the farce with laser precision and the cast plays every beat with perfect timing. There’s not even a way to point to a standout performance as every cast member nails their role, putting on a performance of Broadway caliber. The smaller stage at the Dorie Theatre is perfect for this show, putting the characters in closer proximity to one another and heightening the tension. The set is wonderful and the costumes and props are beautifully time period.

Farce is not easy, and producers Zoppe and Philomena made a very smart decision in making their company’s first show something so tight and professionally done. For the audience, that means just sitting back, relaxing, and letting the laughter overtake us.

Very Highly Recommended

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