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‘Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

There is a mindset about Fringe that things will be fringy. An expectation even, that we can expect no less than ‘out of the ordinary’. The over-the-top, the outrageous, the inexplicable ambiguous, decidedly unpredictable, and implausible made plausible.

Gia On The Move, Tracey Paleo, theater reviews, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Journey, space travelIn that respect, we are ever unfailingly endowed with the work of Carrie Keranen who in typical C.K. fashion, brings no less than stupendous dry hilarity to the production of Journey, an experimental sci-fi dramedy.

Journey, the play, could have been an easy, two-hander if it were not for the fact that Keranen’s additional side-role makes it so much more (although at times focus-pulling) as the wry, occasionally censorious AI computer on board a space mission, light years away from earth, and refereeing an acrimonious, once in love couple now stuck in a closet-sized sleep pod.

Amir Talai and Brigit Murray make for an awkward chemistry couple. But their work is good and each respectively steps into their power when Murray’s dreamscape and Talai’s existential crisis are put aside to deal with an unexpected life and death situation (other than the fact that they are totally on the verge of ejecting each other into space).

Journey is a fun late-night show with a pretty satisfying finale (but thankfully not a total end for the couple.)

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