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Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

There are many burlesque companies in Los Angeles, but if Shipwracked  is indicative of all of Victress Burlesque’s shows, they’re toward the top of the list – this isn’t a burlesque show, it’s a full-on comedy with fun characters, great performances, clever writing, and a goofy style that makes it just as charming as it is sexy.

Shipwracked (ANaughy-Cal Adventure) tells the tale of a cruise ship that gets (spoiler) wrecked on a deserted island. But whether its at the beginning of your journey or throughout your indefinite stay on the tropical deathpatch, I mean outcropping on the sea, Dixie May Hay Barrel (Katherine Biskupic) will be your ever-smiling, indomitable Cruise Director. You’ll continue to be entertained by your crew and your fellow shipmates until the very end.

Monologues and burlesque blend as Mel Forrest, Leah Frires, Joy Haven, Sarah O’Dwyer and Saliha Muttalib mix sexy and hysterical (like…screaming with laughter hysterical) in an effort to entertain or inform the rest of us poor passengers. There’s a self-absorbed Instagram queen, a stowaway, a beleaguered and guilt-ridden childcare worker, even a ghost. It’s a full ship.

If they ever get off the island, I can’t wait to see where Victress Burlesque voyages to next!

Highly Recommended

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