#HFF19 ‘How I Became a Superhero’, reviewed

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Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Almost directly after the performance, I got tagged on a Facebook timeline, ‘They nailed it!’

While normally I don’t pay attention to the fan hype of any show, with How I Became a Superhero, I decided to concede. Sometimes it’s worth listening to the audience.

As a ‘not a die-hard fan’ of old school paper comics, but a most definite fan of the modern Marvel Universe of superhero movies, this production had a certain attraction. And I will say right at the top, each actor did indeed, ‘nail’ their respective roles and bits throughout the comedy driven by playwright and lead actor/enthusiastic superhero at large, John Patrick Daly (Otto) juxtaposed by most equally nefarious villain Isaac Deakyne (Dale Marsh). Jessica Carlson (Candice/Reporter) and Jack de Sanz (Benny/Sean/Mayor) also put in two of the best nerdy/comic/archetype roles with truly brilliant and hilarious schtick throughout, and Malinda Money (Reggie) gliding in with the perfectly ‘frustrated by my adorable but misguided boyfriend’ ‘sigh’ melodrama. Add to that some great technical design (projections/sound/lighting etc) and you’ve got a winner.

My only criticism with this piece is that sometimes, and more often than I would have liked, it felt like the players were like puzzle pieces floating around in limbo, not yet attached to the board. In other words, sometimes, the bits and the actors themselves felt a little disconnected from each other, less an ensemble, which would have really brought this home.

Otherwise, fan worthy and fun.

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