#HFF19 ‘Princess Magic’s Trash Time Revue’, reviewed

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Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

You’re invited to a birthday party for a young boy. The magician has canceled. So the very progressive, very white suburban mom has reached out into the community and brought in a homeless woman who says she can do magic tricks for the kids. The DTs are no deterrent, either, especially since she brought along some friends.

From the second you enter the theatre you are in full kid’s b-day mode with balloons, party hats, and “Baby Shark” on repeat. On. Repeat. Kija Rae plays the most suburban Mom you’re likely to see in Hollywood this summer and handles the whole affair with poise and, one could argue, too much understanding. Once the party begins, it’s relentless.

Princess Magic’s Trash Tme Review is hysterical from moment one to moment… end. Misty Lee is unrecognizable as Princess Magic, a well-meaning, burping, drunk magician with charm and whiskey to spare. Her tricks are… magical, and her friends bring in very different and equally inappropriate children’s birthday party shenanigans, from a Lucy Van Pelt impersonator (Bella Luna), to a Raffi-esque folk singer (Spencer Frankeberger) to a Goat specialist who gives a gut-bustingly funny powerpoint about the dangers of goats. I’m still in pain and I’m still laughing.

If there’s one kid’s birthday party to attend this Fringe, it’s this one. Abracadabra yourself to the Complex ASAP.

Highly Recommended

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