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Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

‘Earth to Karen…this is your life!’

And the ladies have it…

There is no other performer I can think of that can knock a musical comedy directly out of the park with incredible force than Dagney Kerr. A triple-threat, power-house, Kerr’s delivery, deft movement skills and hilarious comic timing brings down the house from moment one in Earth to Karen, the musical comedy about a brilliant but now disgraced astronaut making a comeback as a Subway sandwich artist (help us all!).

Gia On The Move, Tracey Paleo, theater reviews, Hollywood Fringe Festival
(L-R) Matthew Bohrer, Rebecca Larsen, Dagney Kerr, Lauren Van Kurin

Only to rival Kerr are her female co-stars, Lauren Van Kurin and Rebecca Larsen. Time and again, in any show I’ve seen any of these acting/singing/dancing women perform, it has been a 1000% awesome. And it’s no different here. Van Kurin and Larsen are equally insatiable, with Van Kurin doing some of the most memorable schtick as she is so, by now, known for in the realm of theater and comedy performance.

Written by Zachary Bernstein (Disasteroid), Earth to Karen is a delightful musical, accompanied by a base, guitar and drums, live band. Complete with 10 original tunes, Bernstein’s slapstick tale does much to showcase the extraordinary talents of the entire cast, including male co-star Matthew Bohrer.

In truth, the cast is much stronger than the writing. Without the power of these singular talents, there is a danger of the show falling a bit flat. But Karen is directed so exceptionally by Guy Picot and the music so well composed, and the choreography by Sarah M. Kruger so outstanding (really and truly) that nothing lags or loses luster in any single moment.

Guaranteed to be an audience favorite.  You’ll easily want to sit through this again and again.

Highly Recommended

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