Lucas Alifano, Isaac Deakyne and Victor Isaac in COME ON DOWN at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Reviewed by Matt Ritchey for Gia On The Move.

Reviewed by Matt Ritchey

Jeff Scot Carey has been a staple in the Hollywood theatre scene for quite a while and his work as a performer is always fun and honest. With Come on Down, which he writes and directs, it’s clear his performances aren’t the only things dripping with charm.

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Come On Down tells the story of God. Back up. God isn’t QUITE how most people think of him/her. There are higher powers than God and they’re not happy about this whole “creating humans” business and thus banish God to Earth for a taste of his own medicine. And he lands in the American South amidst a group of Southern Democrats trying to scratch out some turf. Now, God still has some powers, and he quickly gains a following. But if God is allowed on Earth, there must be balance…

Lucas Alifano plays a sympathetic and dare I say cute God (or James, as he is known on Earth), playing off Emily Clark’s Lydia and her Republican ex-husband Clint (Isaac Deakyne). Ensemble Katherine Washington, Brenden Soloman, Victor Isaac, CJ Merriman, Everjohn Feliciano, Meghan Allison, and Eric Curtis Johnson flow through time and space as higher beings and Earth-bound mortals with swift pacing and taut direction.

At times laugh-out-loud funny and always endearing and thought-provoking, this is a unique new look at the Joan Osbourne question, “What If God Was One Of Us” with great characters, wonderful performances, and something to think about on the way out.


Photo: Lucas Alifano, Isaac Deakyne and Victor Isaac in COME ON DOWN at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

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