by Bob Rich

In the lively production Keeping Up with the Prozorovs, (Anton Chekhov’s) three sisters Olga, Masha and Irina leave a small Russian city and head for Moscow to become the Kardashians.  Of the three, Masha (Fabianne Meyer) is the savvy one, aware of cultural trends. Olga (Chloe Dworkin) wants to hang onto her former values. Irina (Nikita Chaudhry) is the tragic sister.

The sisters get passionate about trust and relationships a search for love and purpose. Kyle (Chris Kelly) marries Olga, but their relationship is not happy. We meet Natajah (Janai Humphrey), a rap singer subsidized by Andre, and Demetrion (Luke Forbes), an entrepreneur and music producer. Andre (Lauren White) provides comic relief as failing relationships, attempts at a reality TV show, and other quests for happiness lead up to a poignant conclusion.

It’s an entertaining show that includes mild sexual content and references to recreational drug use.  The acting is enthusiastic and spirited.

Katie Lindsay’s direction makes the play feel like a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live.