Hollywood Fringe Festival

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Tiffany and Molly are childhood best friends and roomies. They enjoy cheap wine, a tiny apartment, dead-end jobs and sarcasm.  One is chasing her dream.  The other running away from it.  Both are cruising lightly through life as if the ‘almost somewhere’ present moment is going to last forever.  And then, cancer strikes one of them.

It’s a complete blind side that hits both young women hard, physically and emotionally.  And the choices they respectively make in order to deal with this crisis, have the potential to break the relationship. The biggest surprise is how the balance of who’s really tough, plays out. Together, the two learn and redefine for each other, and mostly for themselves, what it means to be strong.

Fast-moving and filled with witty banter, Strong is predictable in so many ways and has a slightly sputtering arc.  But it doesn’t diminish the talents of, or dynamics between, actresses Victoria Elizabeth and Claire Buchignani who fill this performance to capacity.

A bear hug ode to friendships & female besties.

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