hollywood and broadway theater review hollywood fringe

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

I have no idea why they were telling this story. And I have a feeling, neither did they.

Somehow  Hollywood and Broadway felt like an extension of the Hudson Theatre‘s 2014 Hollywood Party a 1920s murder mystery parodying legendary film superstars, like Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, John Gilbert and Enid Bennett in the melodramatic style of old Hollywood black and white film.  This time around however, the only thing glittering were the necklaces.

The story, an ode, is based on the real life account of aging actresses Tallulah Bankhead and Gloria Swanson receiving the New York Page One Award for their careers in entertainment on April 13, 1951.  And while they may be friends in the public eye these ladies along with additional actress Aileen Pringle, go head to head in an all out pre-show dressing room combat for liquor, gossip, one-ups-manship and insults. 

It’s almost one and a half hours too long for the pure exhibitionism on display with and added sloppy screwball jewel theft comedy, but mostly no relevant content or directional line for the audience to play with.   There’s something good here but this one really needs a serious re-do and a rein-in.  The show could also be cast with older, age appropriate actresses who could play up the melo-drama much more authentically.  Octavio Carlin can do better.

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