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#HFF19, ‘Saving Cain’, reviewed

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move "and nothing nothing nothin nothin gonna save us now" Award-winning playwright Aaron Kozak is debuting a full-length script as a world premiere at the Hollywood Fringe 2019, his first in 5 years,... Continue Reading →

#HFF19 ‘Wigfield’, reviewed

Reviewed by Matt Ritchey Wigfield began as a book by Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert. It was the dream of Pamela Eberhardt and Arlo Sanders to bring it to life on stage… and now they have. And it’s... Continue Reading →

‘White Nights, Black Paradise’: Moral Dilemma, Social Impact, and the African-American Women of the Jonestown Massacre

Contributed by Kevin Hopps How can this happen? How can one man charm, fool, and betray so many people? If you follow the news, you know these are questions on many people’s minds today. And they’re also the questions that... Continue Reading →

Solo Show ‘The Bench’ Tackles L.A. Homelessness at the Hudson Theatre

Contributed by Brian Wallace @SplashofWallace "Wait. You're what??" Those were three of the first words Robert Galinsky heard when he arrived in Los Angeles. They were coming from the mouth of the hotel clerk as he was checking in. "Doing... Continue Reading →

Gia #HFF16 Reviews: From Como to Homo

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move From Como To Homo takes a long time getting to the point. Yet, there is something in a simple story about a woman who traverses a lifetime of denial to finally meet... Continue Reading →

Immigration and Identity, Toys: A Dark Fairy Tale Is Brilliant and Disturbing

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move "Different people can have different truths." It is strange and awesome to come full circle on a journey that began rather bumpily back in 2011 with a play called, Bechnya, now transformed into... Continue Reading →

Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse is a Hollyweird Treat

Reviewed by Marc Wheeler Hollyweird gets a sweet lick of a glitter-coated nightmare in Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse, the wonderwork of Ghoulmaster himself, Pete Carter, and his ragtag band of misfits now haunting the halls of the Hudson Theatres. Fresh on... Continue Reading →

Zulu Time at the Hudson Backstage Theatre

Reviewed by Marc Wheeler With #BlackLivesMatter trending alongside a US Supreme Court #LoveWins ruling, the time is ripe for explorations of injustice and dignity in America. Former Navy pilot-turned-playwright Charles N. Faerber’s, Zulu Time, at the Hudson Backstage Theatre, directed... Continue Reading →

Gia #HFF15 #Review : Hollywood and Broadway

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move I have no idea why they were telling this story. And I have a feeling, neither did they. Somehow  Hollywood and Broadway felt like an extension of the Hudson Theatre's 2014 Hollywood Party a... Continue Reading →

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