BrightLights: ‘How You Love Me’

This has been on our “to do” list for weeks now and we’re finally getting to listen to multi-Grammy-nominated, electro-pop artist Heather Bright.

Heather Bright, Bright Lights
Get the ‘Full’ Bright at and @brightlights333

Better know as BrightLights, Heather announced the release of her acoustic version of the EDM hit How You Love Me last month and on a first play, we LOVED it!  Simple and absolutely beautiful. It’s the best and most hopeful sentiment anyone could hope for at the week of Christmas.  We’ve added it to our playlist forever!

Originally recorded as a feature for 3LAU, Bright’s acoustic version strips down the heavy-hitting production that made the original a smash dance hit and it put’s her powerhouse vocals on full display for an emotionally driven, intimate sound.

Bright has lent her vocal talents to notable artists such as Zedd, Porter Robinson and Hardwell.  The new single marks Bright’s first solo release establishing her as an emerging standalone pop artist.

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    It is magical how your blog opens and a gorgeous voice flows out. Thank you!

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