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Time for a Beach Break with Julietta

It's been a rainy February in California and warmer days feel a little distant. New York-based musician Julietta's new electro-pop track Beach Break, transports us to a summer day. The catchy tune was recorded at Maderas Village's music studio in... Continue Reading →

Russian Electro-Pop Tesla Boy Arrives With “Circles” Video

If you feel like you’re waking up to the weirdest day ever, here’s something to channel your inner strange.

Bonus Tracks for the Weekend: I Feel Like Dancin’

“All I want to do is lift you up right now…” SUMif

Here's what we think you should be listening to this week. And accidental find while reviewing several artists from our submissions, SUMif is the electro-pop moniker of Steph Wells, who traded in her acoustic guitars for midi controllers in hopes... Continue Reading →

Kids On Bridges: Something in the Water

Liverpool's Kids on Bridges are Christian Bragg, Daniel Rankin and Andrew Culshaw, a trio of Pop Artists producing electro-pop with sound like Phoenix,  MuteMath and Depeche Mode partying with Daft Punk . Their new single Something in the Water is currently receiving... Continue Reading →

BrightLights: ‘How You Love Me’

This has been on our "to do" list for weeks now and we're finally getting to listen to multi-Grammy-nominated, electro-pop artist Heather Bright. Better know as BrightLights, Heather announced the release of her acoustic version of the EDM hit How... Continue Reading →

Hi Fashion “Freaking the Halls” of the Bootleg

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move~ Electro-pop duo, HI FASHION got their Christmas freak on  at The Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday evening. Gia On the Move was there for the kitsch new holiday single extravaganza, "Freak Your Halls... Continue Reading →

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