Free Tix, Transportation, More : Mixed Blood Theatre’s Viable Community Exchange

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Contributed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

We’ve all heard the blanket dialog that, “theater helps people in many ways.”

Well, here’s a theater company in the Twin Cities that is working towards that goal and succeeding at doing it, definably.

At the professional Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, ALL MAINSTAGE SHOWS are completely FREE for the public to attend. Truly free. But it’s not the only way Mixed Blood is breaking down barriers that prevent people from experiencing live theater.

Everyone, take notes.

Cost is often a big reason people don’t partake in the theatre.  Mixed Blood has eliminated that. On a first-come, first-serve basis beginning two hours before every performance, there is no cost admission for all who attend.

The cast of Mixed Blood Theatre's pop-rock musical ''Interstate". 
Photo by Rich Ryan.
The cast of Mixed Blood Theatre’s pop-rock musical ”Interstate”.
Photo by Rich Ryan

But their dedication to removing barriers to theatre goes beyond cost. With its Radical Hospitality initiative and Project 154 (community healthcare exchange) they are sharing their resources, and build catalytic relationships with the members of their greater community throughout the metro area and beyond.

The Radical Hospitality initiative features:

  • A fully accessible building
  • Free transportation to and from the homes of those living with disabilities for those who request it
  • Supertitles
  • Audio descriptions
  • ASL interpretation
  • Space for guide dogs
  • And more!

Mixed Blood Theatre’s new season opens on March 6, 2020 with Interstate, a Queer Asian-American pop-rock musical about two trans people at different stages of their journeys, navigating love, family, masculinity, and finding community in the era of social media. Membership starts at only $9 per month.

All photos by Rich Ryan