Coming Up For Air on Music Monday

art and design by artist Chris Thomas

“I know you must be snowed under but I was hoping someone could take a few minutes to listen to my new E.P.”

These are the spontaneous moments we love best at Gia On The Move.  Getting a perfect-timing email or a tweet tip, last minute.  We dug today’s music adventure so much, we’re sharing.

Liverpool dream pop songwriter/producer Phil Wilson of Raft, forwarded this paradisiacal melody, like coming up for air on a hazy, humid Monday on Malibu Beach.  I’m watching our local dolphins swim by as I type.

Influenced by bands like The Sundays and The Cocteau Twins, the E.P. was release in May this year and co-produced by JPedro with all instruments and vocals by Portsmouth based producer JPedro and Phil Wilson. Currently available on Bandcamp.

Art and design by Chris Thomas.


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