Art Party is a wild eclectic event featuring immersive art events emceed by company member Jeff Marras and featuring pop up performances by Fugitive Kind, drag performances by Jeff Marras, Brett Lord, Sage Howard, and Emily Gibson, pole dancing by Alana Cheuvront, live soundscape by Salas Artworks, custom cocktail mixers by Emily Gibson, live art by Jim Senti and Stacey Patino, text by Meghan Brown, live tattooing by Mark Dugally and Anne-Louise Miranda of Inkbus Tattoo ($50 flat rate for small line art), wearable art and textiles by costume designer Allison Dillard of Kalil Designs, and magical world design by set designer Jeanine Ringer.

Half performance, half party, it’s a multi-sensory experience designed to bring the Los Angeles art community together to celebrate and #resist.

Sunday’s event is a quieter affair featuring a tea house and meditation sound bath.

Proceeds support both Fugitive Kind’s work and the work of its community partner, Brave Trails which provides LGBTQ+ youth and their allies with innovative summer camp programs that foster meaningful relationships and develop 21st century skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Fugitive Kind is devoted to true ensemble work and to making theater in Los Angeles a rich and deeply tangible experience. Made up of artists of all stripes (including singers, dancers and choreographers, drag, burlesque, and pole art performers, a sound artist, and an opera singer) who have worked together for many years, each production is crafted with connectivity and dedication to form. Fugitive Kind is an eclectic and passionate collective inspired by possibility, by what can only exist in live art, and by their community.

One show per week is reserved for “pay what you think it’s worth after the show”.