A 16 Year Old Girl Takes On Female Empowerment Through Games

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This came up on the radar yesterday and just begged to be shared.


Did you know that Gia On The Move’s first job as a professional critic was in grammar school when she was asked to review the entire Nancy Drew Mystery series for a local Boston newspaper?

Now there’s a game that not only inspires reading, but empowerment for girls all around.  Be sure to go to the kickstarter page and view the video!

Since the 1930’s, millions of youngsters have enjoyed the beloved Nancy Drew mystery series. As a heroine she has served as a great role model for girls and has been cited to help inspire the success of many famous women including Supreme Court Justice Sotomajor, Hilary Clinton, Barbara Walters, Sheryl Sandberg, Gail King, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Bush.

Now a determined young girl, 16 yr. old Quincy MacShane, from Concord, Massachusetts, who read the original 56 books, has obtained the rights from Simon & Schuster to launch the Nancy Drew trivia board game. Quincy, who was drawn into the series by the character’s strength, confidence and intelligence, strives to be like Nancy Drew.

“I have designed this trivia board game to be a fun way for girls to learn about Nancy Drew. She is strong, confident, and smart.” ~Quincy

Quincy has already designed the game prototype and with the assistance of friends and family, has filed a provisional patent, formed a company and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 to get the game on the shelves. She is currently working with a top game production company in Michigan that feels confident that if she meets her fund-raising goals, they will be able to fulfill the preliminary orders. 

Please help this remarkable young woman achieve her goal of raising $20,000 via Kickstarter:


2 responses to “A 16 Year Old Girl Takes On Female Empowerment Through Games”

  1. midgeguerrera Avatar

    Nancy Drew kept me sane. I read and re-read every book. Of course, Ned never drove his sporty roadster in my neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Terry Madden Myers Avatar
    Terry Madden Myers

    Incredible idea Quincy! The sky’s the limit. I’m excited to follow this project and every other project that you create.
    Terry Madden Myers.


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