Historian Debuts ‘Shelf Life’ Album

Shelf Life, the debut album from Historian, aka Chris Karman, is an album many years in the making.

Excited with the limitless possibilities of modern recording, Karman was determined to craft music that would envelop the listener in layers of interwoven beauty.

Add to this his love for spacey sounds and quietly reflective nature and you have the basis for what is Historian; it’s music that is tailor made for the nocturnal headphone listening experience or the long night drive.

What was originally a private outlet for his introverted ruminations in time developed into an uncompromising style he’s chosen to share with the outside world. For Karman, music is the freedom to put as much sound onto a track as feasible – or completely ignore verses and choruses; it’s experimentation to present any combination imaginable.

At it’s core, Historian is about striking that balance between the creative, the contained and the chaotic – with beautiful music as a result.

Check out the official video to the debut single The Letter.

“Hypnotically entwining – and at times completely disregarding – traditional song structures, Karman sits calmly on the edge between creative containment and cathartic release.” -Beats Per Minute NY

“a seductive and surreal sound” -Impose Magazine

“It’s all peculiarly dissonant, but even with warped melodies and fuzzy reverb, Historian’s music still aims to do the most important thing — tell you a story” -Buzz Bands LA


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