‘Meet The Patels’ at the Los Angeles Film Festival

On Saturday, June 14th at the Los Angeles Film Festival you will finally be able to Meet The Patels. 

A laugh-out-loud real life romantic comedy about Ravi Patel, an almost-30-year-old Indian-American who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams…and his parents,  the film explores the hardships that the current generation can experience while attempting to stay true to their respective cultural backgrounds.  Filmed by Ravi’s sister (Geeta Patel) in what started as a family vacation video, this hilarious and heartbreaking film reveals how love is truly a family affair.

Largely inexperienced in the art of courtship, L.A. based actor Ravi Patel is suddenly thrown into the deep end of the dating pool when he reluctantly consents to letting his parents find him an ideal Indian bride. As he embarks on a multi-date tour across North America, however, the self-effacing suitor can’t help but wonder whether his quest represents a laudable acceptance of cherished traditions or a pathetic surrender to his own deep-seated insecurities. Watch the trailer now:

This one and it is a tear jerker.  It is a film that everyone can authentically relate to. But most of all it is a lesson in value of family, friendship, trust and true love.  Worth the ticket!

There are two shows available for tomorrow:

Sat, Jun 14th 9:15pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 9

(That means SHOW UP!!!)

Tue, Jun 17th 4:45pm
Regal Cinema L.A. Live- Theater 10

Sponsored by
Meet the Patels
Documentary Competition

(India, USA, 2014, 88 mins, DCP)
In English, Gujarati, and Hindi with English subtitles

US Premiere
Directed By: Geeta V. Patel,
Ravi V. Patel

Screenwriters: Ravi V. Petal, Geeta V. Patel, Billy McMillin, Matthew Hamachek
Producers: Janet Eckholm, Geeta V. Patel
Executive Producers: Geralyn White Dreyfous, Dan Cogan
Cinematographer: Geeta V. Patel
Editors: Billy McMillin, Matthew Hamacheck, Geeta V. Patel, Ravi V. Patel
Music Supervisor: Brooke Wentz
Featuring: Ravi V. Patel, Vasant K. Patel, Champa V. Patel

Co-directed by Ravi and his sister Geeta, this sharp, funny documentary is fueled by the comic banter and confessional asides that can transpire only between siblings. Meanwhile, their doting parents are the sort of larger-than-life characters that most Hollywood screenwriters can only dream of creating. If only all family videos were this enthralling and packed with plot twists.

Host: Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

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