Trends for Men: How To Walk the Walk in 2014

From slippers to suede and European influence abroad, shoe trends are set for a stylish 2014.  Nicholas Hurtado, co-founder of Beckett Simonon, a leading online retailer of affordable men’s footwear, provides his insight on how to walk the walk with upcoming stylish footwear trends this year:

  1. Relaxed Style: Style doesn’t have to come at the expense of comfort. The classic slipper is on track to make a huge comeback, offering a dressier footwear alternative made of lighter, comfortable materials such as suede and nubuck. The driving loafer will also be a trend to watch this spring and summer, leading the way in comfort with a lightweight and flexible style.
  2. Sharp Suede: Suede is definitely the trendy material in the footwear industry and it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. From shoes to boots, suede is never the wrong choice. The suede desert boot is a classic style that has proven itself to yearlong fashion appeal.
  3. A Dash of Color: With the onset of warmer weather and brighter color palettes emerging for spring and summer clothes, colored soles will continue to be in style. Popular sole colors to keep an eye out for will be blue and red brick, adding a subtle yet stylish pop to shoe choices.
  4. The Italian Way: Across the pond on the Italian peninsula, men have mastered the artful combination of going sock-less and rolling the hems of their chinos and denim. This trend is the epitome of street style, and it’s about time Americans got on board.
  5. Classically Cool: Timeless styles such as monkstraps and longwings will be sure hits this spring and summer. For the dapper daredevils, look for shoes made of specialty leathers including metallic, quilted, perforated and woven to add a bit of edge.

Launched in 2012 by Co-founders Andres Niño and Nicholas Hurtado, Beckett Simonon is a direct-to-consumer value-oriented brand that sells shoes to a new breed of gentlemen who want to look good but are price conscious. Beckett Simonon’s newest Goodyear Welted collection utilizes the gold standard for high-quality shoe construction while being sold at an affordable price.


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