Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs In America

With fires dangerously raging this past week in Glendora, CA, Gia On The Move was very surprised to discover that along with police officers, firefighters do NOT actually have the riskiest career paths. In fact, neither occupation is even in the top 10!

There may have been a consistent decline in the unemployment rate last year, opening at 7.9% in January down to an all-time year low of 7% in November (December data is not yet out), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But the figure is still high, and there are plenty of Americans who would like to land a decent job. The question is, however, would they really love any of these jobs enough to, literally, die for? Check out America’s most dangerous jobs in this infographic based on the 2012 National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. For more on the story visit

Dangerous careers in the US: It's not steel workers, pilots or roofers who face the most fatal injuries
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Photo (above) of the 2014 Glendora Wildfire courtesy of the Associated Press


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