Music Monday: RandiVision’s Great Escape In Purple Cloudz

RandiVision hip hop music. Photo provided by the artist Luther Bell.

Interview by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Adventures in trolling…I found RandiVision by complete accident and decided to contact him for a sample. His genre of music is Ambiance/Hip-Hop. It’s a pretty chill sound. What amazed me about this 23 year old millennial generation music talent who coincidentally just graduated from college, is his genuine sophistication in how he sees the future for himself and the business.  Coming off of a tour this past summer, Purple Cloudz is a new single off of his Upcoming EP titled Great Escape. This will be the first Volume of a 3 part Project. In an interview for Gia On The Move, RandiVision describes his “singular” vision.

You are 23yrs old from SoCal. You say on your website that you want to change the way music is made…In what way?

RV: Yeah although I feel the music industry is changing collectively as a whole, I still want to change the quality of music. I’m all for the new “Single Only” theory but I feel if I want to be remembered as a great. I want my “Single” to be a masterpiece.

I’ve been reading your timeline.  You’ve been occasionally hard on yourself, calling your work “publicly” not exactly what you want it to be/sound like. What’s your “perfect world” when it comes to music and producing?

RV:  Most of the time I am extremely hard on myself, but ultimately it’s what leads me to release a quality music. I have several beat producers who send me instrumentals. I normally try to write hooks to each of them before I write the lyrics to them. Then I’ll listen to each one for a couple weeks while writing lyrics to them. Next step is to record and that’s where I really focus on the production and quality of each song. Specifically the engineering aspect of the music.

What is UT West all about? Can you tell us a little something about that and your involvement specifically?

RV: UT means Un-Tame. It’s a independent label based out of Modesto, California. Founder of UT is Definne, a hip-hop artist from Palo Alto California. UT has several artist through out the US and UT West just means all the artist who reside on the WestCoast. Definne, Nikkole Lucci, RandiVision. We were just on tour the past summer opening up for well known artists such as DMX, Method Man & Redman, performing all throughout NorCal. We also released an EP Together called UT WEST which features our hit single Faded at the Bar.

You recently helped produce fellow artist Nikkole Lucci’s Transformation project video, which has an impressive, more than 38,000 YouTube views and still climbing, along with UT West and UT Texas EPs. What kind of inspiration does that bring to your own artistry.

RV: Yeah I did help produce Nikkole Lucci’s Album The Transformation and and few songs on UT Teaxs. I had more hands on with Nikkole’s album specifically because it was her first full album and Definne allowed me to control the ropes of it. We put together several hit records and are generating a lot of buzz with her fans and the hip-hop community. I have so much respect for Nikkole and the hard work she puts into her music. Although that album was more single based she still managed to lyrically writing about her life and her transformation to where she was to when the album was completed. I’m looking forward to working with her in the future. Were always connecting on a creative level.

randivision_great_escape_front(1) album cover
Photo provided by RandiVision

Finally, you are now working on your first Album titled, “Danger’s Amongst Thieves.” How does that differ from your “Great Escape” EP?  Or is this going to be another volume in your 3 part Project?

RV: Yeah at first started working on Danger’s Amongst Thieves  this past summer but after a while I just completely scratched it form my memory. My focused went more towards my Great Escape Vol. 1 EP set to release wed January 8th. DAT just wasn’t sticking out to me so I just started releasing those songs and putting features on them. But as I continued to write music produced a song called Great Escape which magnified my entire thought process and what I was feeling at that time. This will be the beginning of a 3 part trilogy of ambiance/RandiVision hip-hop greatness. The amount of time I put into each song is un-measurable from anything I’ve ever done in the past. My goal is to capture the audience by the airy instrumental sounds, while guiding them with my twisted lyrical premonitions. Everything I talk about in the EP I have experienced and each song will seductively guide you through each song leaving you wanting the next Vol to drop.