5 Fabulous Photos Tell A Story About a Boy And His BlackSocks

curb your dog - blacksocks - photo by Chris Paleo

Contributed by Chris Paleo

Swiss entrepreneur, Sammy Liechti, had a sock problem.  He never had good socks. Like most men, it didn’t bother him so much until one day he was asked to remove his shoes during a Tea Ceremony while wooing an important business client.  The holes at his big toes didn’t go over so well and that got Sammy thinking, what if…

So to test his theory of how the aggravation and embarrassment of matching, searching, sorting, losing, wearing and shopping for socks could be alleviated for the average busy, on the go, tech savvy guy, he convinced 60,000 subscribers in over 75 countries to give his idea of a “Sock-scription” a try.  Apparently it’s worked.  He’s sold 3 million pairs of luxury socks worldwide since 1999 and still counting.

.Blacksockssock-scription by Blacksocks, is the ultimate time saver – doorstep delivery of luxury PIMA cotton socks in black, grey, navy and brown, 3 times a year, with complimentary shipping. You select the style, quantity and frequency. And Presto!  You’ve got socks. And at the average subscription cost of $89 a year, it’s also a great gift for your guy that lasts.

We handed Gia On The Move’s, NYC-based, Contributing Beauty Editor, Chris Paleo, the challenge of testing the durability of a pair just because, well, he’s a guy. He came up with some hilarious examples of just how well his Blacksocks came in handy.

These dogs are enjoying a Sunday off from barking all week long.
These dogs are enjoying a Sunday off from barking all week long.
At the playground slide.
At the playground slide.
at the playground
I just love springtime in NYC…how many more months to go?
I’m so thankful for the support my Blacksocks have given me.


“I should mention ‘right off the bat’ that I happen to have a sock obsession from any early age. So of course I really checked out my not-so-new-anymore, black, Blacksocks. With my Blacksocks delivery, attached was a note  telling me that I should wear them, wash them, wear them again, and so on…I did.  Upon first inspection, I’m thinking that they aren’t very different from many of the pairs of socks that I’ve had or have now. But…Kudos to the fit! They are snug enough for support without sacrificing the comfort of your feet to breath. I think a subscription for socks is a great idea that is definitely suited for all men. I only wish I would have been asked to try out an emerald green pair in a knee length!”

Order a Sock-scription.

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Photos by Chris Paleo
Photo (above): The Blacksocks and my dogs at the park

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