by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

Wheel-of-Vagaries…died by close-range pistol for approximately 6 seconds below the Wheel of Vagaries; came back to life; died again playing a game of rock, paper, scissors when my TBC nemesis walked up to me and said, “This is it…(i.e. “punk, make my day!”); got a couple of tattoos; discovered that, in fact, I am a human and not a humanoid (hmm); ate a ton of chips, candy and grilled cheese sandwiches, was gifted a 10-seconds-made paper fan by another wheel contestant under pressure; then two boxes of glitter eye lashes and served fruit by a half-naked boy on roller skates.  Not bad, huh?


Caught Darkly Dreaming the Sacred Fools 17th season launch and summer fundraiser was a raucous night of DJ Skok music, dancing and Carnival, opening with a bang (and don’t I know it!) featuring a Vegas style Wheel of Vagaries (I’m not a sucker for punishment, I just had like – 30 free game tickets), Interactive Art Installations of Wish Tags and Chalk Walls (I successfully made my deepest fear go away by writing it on the wall), Two Bit Circus Gaming, Dream Readings, Glitter Tattoos, Tea Leaf readings, Taste Tests, Roller Skating Girls and the ultimate Text to Give to reach their goal by midnight.

Me & My Glitter Tattoos

Outrageous attire was encouraged. However, as is more than customary at Fools, outrageous behavior prevailed especially when attendees huddled at the old school 1-mile-per-hour Car Race Game and another Vagaries player also acted out the most dramatically loud death scene lasting a non-record of 10 full minutes!

Returning this season will be mainstay series like Serial Killers.  Also filling up the calendar for September and October will be The Poe Show and Androids/Electric Sheep.

Sacred-Fools-partyAnd there will be some heavy hitters.  I’m not allowed to reveal, under pain of death #3, but I CAN say that I was fortunate enough to sit in an early reading this Spring of a new, new full length work that promises to be “juicy!”

Check the calendar for listings and more information.

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  1. midgeguerrera Avatar

    What a fabulous social life Gia has! You keep us in the gossip loop and let us live vicariously through the blog.


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