Gia has always been on the move.  Camera & pen in hand, ready to write, record and broadcast arts and culture: live concerts, dance performances, theater, art gallery openings, restaurant tastings, catwalks, new products and more – whatever demanded attention.

On The Move eventually became a brand.  As a platform it has strived to give other artists and great ideas a voice.

Gia has spent (a lot of!) time in front of and behind the camera, and her computer, entertaining audiences with breaking stories to short form digital media content for news, entertainment, fashion & film industries. 

Gia (as Tracey) is the Founder, Publisher and Chief Editor at Gia On The Move, a Contributor to Broadway World, and the former Associate Editor of FootLights Magazine.  A member of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle she was also the force behind the live Video and Twitter simulcast of the 1st Annual Stage Raw Los Angeles Theater Awards – a broadcast and Twitter trend-first for any Los Angeles theater awards show resulting in over 1 million views and a visibity alongside Madonna, Drake, and The Avengers movie that evening.

She has written for: Discover Hollywood Magazine, Extra Virgin: Under The Tuscan Gun, L.A. Theatre ReviewAOL Patch, the Tolucan Times, and The Boston Phoenix among other publications.