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The Era of Fashion Entertainment: The Fashion Film

Column written by Douglas Schowengerdt, Cultural Correspondent New Moon The pulse of fashion is currently in flux. Stuck between uncertain futures, conflicting seasons, and fading trends, designers and brands are searching to find what hits. It’s a moment of reorientation... Continue Reading →

Flavorman Top Beverage Flavor Trends For 2018

The flavor forecast for 2018 is shaping up to be full of ooey, gooey goodness. Maple, famous for its complex sweetness and unmatched flavor,  is not only a uniquely North American ingredient, it is the top trending flavor for the... Continue Reading →

The Weeknd’s Final 2017 Merch Release 003 PART TWO

The Weeknd announces the launch of his final merchandise release for 2017 with 003 PART TWO today on Following the success of his previous drops, #001, #002, Starboy, Starboy x Futura, both Starboy World Tour collections and the penultimate... Continue Reading →

Vegan Fashion: A New Way Forward

PETA's star-studded vegan fashion show and influencer panel, "How to Make It in (Vegan) Fashion" discussed what it means to be a sustainable designer in today's industry.

2016’s Color to Avoid: Neon Slime Lime

Is this really a surprise? In December of each year, Pantone (and some others) usually announce a Color of the Year.  No-one however, as far as anyone knows at custome fabric and wall paper design company, Spoonflower, has ever named a... Continue Reading →

Fancy Food Show Names Victoria Amory to Top 5 Trend

This January, at San Francisco's 39th annual Winter Fancy Food Show, Victoria Amory's new Fine Herbs Mayonnaise, one of nine creations in her latest artisan condiment line, was named one of the food and beverage show's Top Trends by a panel of... Continue Reading →

oo la LA Fashion Weekend

Saturday night at LA Fashion Weekend which took place at the Sunset Gower Studios in Los Angeles hosted by Mikey Kaufman, gave us hope that LA could be more than just bikinis and jeans. Featured designers Nicole Lee, Aamber Aleyna,... Continue Reading →

Style Alerts: Scarlett Johansson in Level 99 Again!

LOS ANGELES - September 5, 2013 - Scarlett Johansson was photographed in Level 99 leaving the Venice Film Festival yesterday.  The newly engaged actress wore the Tanya High Rise Skinnies for the second time. While she rocked the style in Watson wash yesterday, she wore the Adams wash back in late July ($120).  

Mixed Greens: Evidence of Evolution

SEPTEMBER–OCTOBER 2013 Mixed Greens is thrilled to present Renovation, Sonya Blesofsky’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. For this exhibition, Blesofsky’s drawings and sculptures continue her investigation of architecture, this time with increased interest in the visual evidence of a building’s... Continue Reading →

Waikoko! It’s Made with Aloha…

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On the Move Re-hydrating with the ancient sports drink of the Pacific Islands, felt gentler, friendlier, more soothing somehow... Slowly sipping Waikoko, while staring out at the wild, WILD waves, salt in my nostrils as seals... Continue Reading →

New Foodie Apps Help Minimize Food Waste

Gearing up for the 2012 holiday season reminded us here at Gia On The Move that tasty treats, indulgent hors d'oeuvres and divine dinners might be sinfully fabulous, but left-overs headed for the garbage after all of those fine feasts are... Continue Reading →

Pizza Naturally! LA Food Trends Update

by Tracey Paleo Adding to the ever-growing trends in Italian food, is an idea currently "bubbling up" to the mainstream.   According to Executive Chef Owner, Saverio Posarelli of Café Fiore in Woodland Hills, the newest version of two culinary hotspots in North Hollywood,... Continue Reading →

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