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Why see it? Because it’s ‘Special’ … at Theatre of Note

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move What could possibly go wrong? A play about CBS' infamous The Stars Wars Holiday Special that highlighted (then) among so many #FAILS, a rather depressive Bea Arthur singing a musical number in the... Continue Reading →

Theatre of NOTE’s “Phrazzled” Leaves You Frayed, I’m Afraid

Reviewed by Marc Wheeler In Theatre of NOTE’s latest, Phrazzled, we find ourselves in the room next to the Room where it all happens. A room where the underpaid and underrated scratch and claw their way to the coveted Room where they’ll know... Continue Reading →

Gia #HFF15 #Reviews: Magnum Opus Theatre Presents: “The Yearbook”

Reviewed by Marc Wheeler “This war is not over, do you hear me?” “Like crystal.” If you love your Fringe with a delicious wallop of cringe, look no further than Magnum Opus Theatre Presents: The Yearbook, showing at Theatre of... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Hold Your Hand at Theatre of Note

By Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move So balanced in the writing.  So very worth the ticket. I Wanna Hold Your Hand at the tail end of its run at Theatre of Note is a tender, unexpected triumph. Our lives... Continue Reading →

#HFF11 Beneath Rippling Water Review

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move The following review is a reprint from L.A. Theatre Review Theatre of NOTE presents a woman of true power with actor, writer, producer Sybil Walker in her one woman show, Beneath Rippling Water,... Continue Reading →

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