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HFF18 ‘ From Toilet to Tinseltown’, reviewed

by Matt Ritchey Myrtle’s stopped moaning and now she’s MOVIN’! To Hollywood, that is! Maddie Patrick’s never-dropped, spot-on impression of Hogwarts’s favorite ghost is a delight in From Toilet To Tinseltown, a one-ghost show. Chronicling her expulsion from the Hogwarts... Continue Reading →

HFF18 ‘Play On! A Musical Romp with Shakespeare’s Heroines’, reviewed

by Bob Rich In her uplifting production Play On! A Musical Romp with Shakespeare's Heroines, Laura Jo Trexler treats us to a tour-de-force performance in a musical journey through Shakespeare’s plays, giving voice to famous women from his classic works.... Continue Reading →

HFF18 ‘The High Captain’, reviewed

by Bob Rich The High Captain is an entertaining and thought-provoking look at politics. Eight shipwrecked barge workers try to establish a functional government on a desert island. We witness a spectrum of emotions during the power struggles on the... Continue Reading →

HFF18 ‘The Reverend JEAU’s Revival’, reviewed

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move Can I get an AMEN?! A high-energy, self-love, comedic re-awakening The Reverend JEAU's Revival invites you, the chosen few, into the Rev's inner sanctum, for the price tag of only $10,000. And it's a... Continue Reading →

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