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Change Isn’t Easy. ‘Masters of the Dark Realm’, reviewed

Reviewed by Matt Ritchey Change isn’t easy and if the emotions surrounding it aren’t dealt with well, it can cause things to explode – relationships, work, the battlements of Bargfeld…. Okay, that last one isn’t an actual thing, but it... Continue Reading →

‘Telenovela’ – A Loving Send-up of Mexican Daytime Soaps

by Matt Ritchey A confession: If your show begins with somebody in a fake moustache, I'm already on your side. Fortunately, not only does Force of Nature Productions new show Telenovela, at the Actors Workout Studio, NOHO, start with a... Continue Reading →

‘Tape’ at The Actors’ Workout Studio

The following review is a reprint from the Tolucan Times Tape is excitng, twisted and funny Review by Tracey Paleo Sometimes there are colorful, fine-grained, volcanic agates among the dull black pebbles you stumble upon in your adventures to new... Continue Reading →

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