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The Model Critic Reviews Irina Dvorovenko’s Final Curtain in ABT’s ‘Onegin’

by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic ABT is sadly loosing another great star: Irina Dvorovenko. Here is a dancer who is still so artistically superior to most dancers in every category, in her looks, art and intelligence, that it's a big disappointment to see her pack her... Continue Reading →


The Model Critic Reviews the passion of ABT’s Swan Lake

Call it Swan Lake, Swanansee, Le Lac de Cygnes, what you will, staged and re-staged for the last 150 years, since Petipa and Lev Ivanov choreographed, and Tchaikovsky's mesmerizing score; the elements of story, mood, magic, poetry, and dazzling symphonic ideas, never ceases to enlighten, transport, and make this work a holy event.

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