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Wiki Leaks, TARP and Rock & Roll: Live My Life Picking Up Steam

With Wiki Leaks about Bank of America and Country Wide threatening to go “nuclear” last week, it’s clear TARP is not going away – neither is the video that captures it all on tape –it’s winning awards, thanks to inspiration Nomi Prins.

TARP Music Video Live My Life Wins Accolade Award

“I love that art, especially rock and roll, has an explosive ability to mock power and authority."

Live My Life Winner LAI Film Fest 2010

For these first time filmmakers, new to the independent film festival circuit, the 2010 LAI Film Fest award is prestigious and is the second of two accolades this summer. Earlier this year, Live My Life was also selected as one of only five Finalists at the June 2010 SoCal Film Market, winning recognition in the music video category.

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