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The Ultimate Super Bowl Pulled Pork

Oh dude!  We got this in the mail and had to share it immediately so that you could do some quick shopping and get online with this better-than-nosh Super Bowl Sunday man-chow! Skip your typical M.O. - chips and a... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Super Bowl Ads of All Time and Who Will Win Today’s Game Predictions

Oh yes we did.  What better way to celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII than showcasing some of the best and funniest ads for game day ever.  Everyone of course has a different list but these were pretty funny.  Enjoy. Also... Continue Reading →

Football Season: I Love Sundays!

It's football season and you're finally hanging out with the guys for a Sunday Night game. What should you wear to score points with the fanatic crowd?  Yes, you're a girl. But there's no way you'll be interrupting a perfect... Continue Reading →

From Madonna to Madonna

A triumph of modernity in religious iconography at Merry Karnowsky this week when Nicola Verlato defied antiquity in the figure the Virgin Mary transplanted by her counterpart, Madonna the singer.

Football Tailgating History – Pass the Turkey and the Pigskin Please

Did you know that 50M people spend $12 billion tailgating each year?  Ever wonder how it started? What cities tailgate the most? With Thanksgiving on Thursday the nation will also enjoy a full day of football. It's time to break out... Continue Reading →

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