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Star Wars

Why see it? Because it’s ‘Special’ … at Theatre of Note

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move What could possibly go wrong? A play about CBS' infamous The Stars Wars Holiday Special that highlighted (then) among so many #FAILS, a rather depressive Bea Arthur singing a musical number in the... Continue Reading →

Meet the Star Wars Fanatics…ahem…SUPERFANS!

Think you’re the biggest Star Wars fan that’s ever existed?  You’ve got NOTHING on these guys!  (click to enlarge the graphic)

The Hottest Star Wars Non-Humans

YES!  We are obsessed with Star Wars! But why not?  Here are some MORE fun facts in anticipation of the movie bonanza about to strike! We’ve all come across at least one Star Wars fan who has a big crush... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Star Wars Fight Scenes

As the forces of good and evil prepare to do battle once more when the NEW Star Wars film lands in the UK, MorphCostumes HQ was inspired to create an infographic of the Top Ten best Star Wars Fight Scenes.... Continue Reading →

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