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FEARnyc Horror Festival Expands Nationwide in 2019: Now Accepting Submissions

FEARnyc, New York City's biggest horror film festival, today announced that it will expand to a nationwide, month-long event in October 2019 featuring hundreds of horror film screenings and horror-themed events in all 50 states each day of the month... Continue Reading →

‘Martians – An Evening with Ray Bradbury’, reviewed

by Matt Ritchey Many one-person shows about famous personages involve an actor doing an impression of said personage talking directly to the audience about their life, giving us a biography with dramatic flair. Martians - An Evening with Ray Bradbury... Continue Reading →

HFF18 Moose & Darlene’s Cosmic Do-Over

by Bob Rich In the comedy production Moose & Darlene’s Cosmic Do-Over, we witness the main character Moose, a friendly everyman, getting whisked off into a time-traveling adventure when he meets the mysterious Darlene. Moose and Darlene visit a medley... Continue Reading →

Gia #HFF16 Reviews: The Cure to Mortality

Reviewed by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move Adventurously created, The Cure to Mortality, a futuristic, sci-fi musical comedy about corruption, depression and death, didn't quite hit the mark suffering most by an overwritten script and for its 'all over... Continue Reading →

#HFF13: The Time Machine Musical at The Hollywood Fringe Festival

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move This might be one of the harder reviews I'm about to write for the 2013 Hollywood Fringe. I read the description of this show and after watching a teaser video of the music,... Continue Reading →

Move Over Comic-con – SETIcon Alien Conference

Aliens are exceptionally well represented at the local multiplex this spring.  Hostile invaders, tipped off by an overly enthusiastic broadcast from Earth, try to sink a lot of naval hardware in “Battleship;” domestic extraterrestrials give headaches to urbane government agents... Continue Reading →

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