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Black Friday – No Longer A Deal?

With 53 percent of American consumers saying that Black Friday no longer offers the best deals of the year, the personal-finance website WalletHub took an in-depth look at 2017's Best Things to Buy on Black Friday. WalletHub determined that 10... Continue Reading →

National Potato Day French Fry Addiction

Only 0.8% of Americans don't like French fries. Seriously.  We're addicted! For National Potato Day coming up on August 19, National Today asked 1,000 peeps about everyone's favorite carb. Consider this: Nearly 1 in 5 Americans say French fries reign... Continue Reading →

Oscars By The Numbers

The 88th Academy Awards just four days away. With that, we thought we'd share some numbers from WalletHub released today for its 2016 Oscars By The Numbers Report. Not surprising the diversity numbers were dismally low.  Only 2% of Academy Awards... Continue Reading →

America’s Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish

Men Like Brussel Sprouts :  Women Like Yams  Every Thanksgiving, it is estimated that Americans consume over 51 million turkeys (USDA). But what side dish do people think best compliments that juicy tender bird? In advance of Turkey Day, Ranker,... Continue Reading →

Someone Is Dyeing Their Thanksgiving Turkey Blue

Fears that Thanksgiving day is being subsumed by Black Friday seem to be merited: TADA the online consumer reporting agency, polled 4,509 online shoppers immediately after they checked out from 1,040 retailers, and 10% admit they’ll be heading out to stores for pre-Black... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving: The Reason for the Season, the web’s largest opinion based community, this week released the results of a poll asking the public their opinions on their favorite things about Thanksgiving.  Results included: For men, their favorite part of the holiday is spending time with family... Continue Reading →

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