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La Paloma Blanca Soars in ABT’s ‘Swan Lake’: The Model Critic Reviews

by Carlos Stafford, The Model Critic Paloma Herrera, partnered by Corey Stearns, beguiled the audience last Saturday night at the Met with the timeless classic, Swan Lake. With the familiar but always revelatory music of Tchaikovsky, the transcendent and evocative fairy tale of love,... Continue Reading →

The Model Critic Reviews the passion of ABT’s Swan Lake

Call it Swan Lake, Swanansee, Le Lac de Cygnes, what you will, staged and re-staged for the last 150 years, since Petipa and Lev Ivanov choreographed, and Tchaikovsky's mesmerizing score; the elements of story, mood, magic, poetry, and dazzling symphonic ideas, never ceases to enlighten, transport, and make this work a holy event.

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