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There was a sixties vibe about the piece that offhandedly almost references Blake Edward’s 1968 comedy film, “The Party”.  And the sort of hilarious, nonstop lunacy that the play offers is sometimes - but should much more regularly – be funny. 

3 Things You Need to Succeed: An Interview with Mark Wilding

By Kevin Hopps Copyright © 2020 Gia On The Move According to Mark Wilding, the three main things you must have to succeed, in addition to talent, are: “A persistence, a learning curve, and a thick skin.” Clearly, all were... Continue Reading →

‘Telenovela’ – A Loving Send-up of Mexican Daytime Soaps

by Matt Ritchey A confession: If your show begins with somebody in a fake moustache, I'm already on your side. Fortunately, not only does Force of Nature Productions new show Telenovela, at the Actors Workout Studio, NOHO, start with a... Continue Reading →

18th Annual Valley Film Festival Announces Programming

The 18th annual Valley Film Festival (VFF) has announced its feature film selections, including 12 World and Los Angeles premieres, festival sponsors, inaugural film market, and theme: #unitedbyfilm. VFF returns in full force with a five-day festival showcasing over 75 of... Continue Reading →

‘Speak Now’ at the Missing Piece Theatre

The following is a reprint from the Tolucan Times Speak Now Speaks Loudly Review by Tracey Paleo Hands up for the brand new, LA Theatre Troupe who opened their first season with a world premiere and very own version of... Continue Reading →

‘Thieves’ at the Monroe Forum Theatre El Portal

The following review is a re-print from the Tolucan Times: Family Ties Bind Ever So Tightly in Thieves Review by Tracey Paleo I got nailed with a dead woman’s cremated ashes… Yep! It’s true. In a moment of white-heat emotional... Continue Reading →

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