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In Memoriam: First Generation Asian-American Award Winning Los Angeles Playwright Henry Ong Dies

Henry Ong, a fixture of the Los Angeles theater community for more than 35 years, died Saturday, September 29th after a long battle with cancer. Ong was the quintessential Los Angeles playwright: a first-generation Asian-American, he was interested in the... Continue Reading →

KBCW TV’s Michelle Meow To Host ‘Dawnland’ Screening and Discussion Detailing Native American Forced Family Separation

Members of the Native American Community, the Commonwealth Club and Women’s March San Francisco will join in partnership, talk show host Michelle Meow (The Michelle Meow Show, KBCW TV and Progressive Voices Network Radio) to discuss the new documentary Dawnland, which details... Continue Reading →

#HFF11 Blood Fruit at the Lounge Theatre

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move The following is a reprint from L.A. Theatre Review Majd Murad is a truly likable and empathetic soul with the unusual stigma of growing up in America as a first generation Iraqi-Catholic (yes... Continue Reading →

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