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Quick & Simple Holiday Shopping

Holiday crunch time is a drag. Go easy on yourself. Here are a few stylishly uncomplicated suggestions to get you started. Dad Brand Apparel Dads only want one thing right? Yes!  Simplicity! Make him first on your list this year... Continue Reading →

What To Gift The Modern Man

You're a consummate epicurean cuisinier yet a fierce gastronome of all things beer and barbecue? This Mantry's for you!

What’s In Your Mantry?

Gia On The Move received this yesterday and simply went WILD over it! A definitive #WhatsHotNow for guys.  We are giving Mantry (Food Subscriptions For Men) the Official Gia Stamp! An American Artisan Food-of-the-Month Club based in New York, NY, absolutely dedicated to men,... Continue Reading →

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