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FEARnyc Horror Festival Expands Nationwide in 2019: Now Accepting Submissions

FEARnyc, New York City's biggest horror film festival, today announced that it will expand to a nationwide, month-long event in October 2019 featuring hundreds of horror film screenings and horror-themed events in all 50 states each day of the month... Continue Reading →

Film Con Hollywood 2018: ‘Building Relationships’

Article and video contributed by Matt Ritchey  with edits by Tracey Paleo The First Annual Film Con Hollywood, on March 24th, hosted by David Rountree, owner of LA Acting Studios, and Richard Botto, Founder and CEO of Stage 32, which... Continue Reading →

Glamour #GirlGaze Film Competition

Glamour Magazine has partnered with #Girlgaze, a digital media company supporting Gen Z photographers and directors, in an effort to bridge the gender gap. The #NewView competition will give winners a chance to create a short film for one of... Continue Reading →

Get Behind The Rabbit on Monday October 6th for a New Twitter Dedicated Movie Series

Donnie: How can you do that? Frank: I can do anything I want. And so can you. ~Donnie Darko Behind the Rabbit Productions is upping the social media game next week by creating a web series specially for and dedicated... Continue Reading →

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